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The how to automate lead generation on this page have been written or selected for the powerful business growth messages they contain.

Article writing is now perhaps the most important thing you can do to promote your web site. It is so important that we have created a website, Article Writing Success and a blog Article Writing for Internet Marketing devoted to the topic. These 2 sites are dedicated to articles on writing articles and not specifically marketing articles. If you are struggling for that bit of inspiration make sure to take a look.

Many articles have been written by the team here at JKL and are made available ‘as-is’ for you to copy and use as you see fit. Our only requirement is that the JKL resource box is displayed in full complete with a functioning link back to this site.

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JKL Articles

9 Steps to Successful Business Strategy Most successful businesses have a clear, well defined and well communicated business strategy. These 9 steps will help you develop your own business strategy.

5 steps to success for small business owners

A second example of article factoring this time addressing the independent consultants market niche

This article is an example of factoring an existing article on business success so that it addresses a specific niche market – small business owners.

6 steps to success for independent consultants

Why Do Clients Buy? It’s a deceptively simple question. Knowing the answer is key to making lots more sales.

Get the Most from marketing automation for lead generation is vital to the growth of almost all businesses. Here’s how to make the most of your marketing dollar.

Customer Loyalty: A key to improving profits at no additional cost

Make the most of your advertising spend

Press releases – the free way to massive publicity

Cross-selling to increase your customer satisfaction

Done properly cross-selling is a fast track to increasing sales, profits and customer satisfaction. This article illustrates how to cross-sell effectively.

Work SMART and transform any business

We’ve all heard the phrase: “work smarter not harder”. Well, the SMART acronym contains all you need to know to make it a reality.

Effective Public Speaking for Small Business Owners and Managers

Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to grow your business through personal recognition, establishing yourself as the ‘obvious expert’ and increasing general awareness of your company. Yet far too few small businesses seek out public speaking opportunities.

6 Steps to Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker More on how to develop your public speaking talents.

The Importance of Writing ArticlesArticle writing has many of the advantages of public speaking without the fear factor. Getting your articles published will get your name in front of far more people than most public speaking.

Speech Writing is for many people just as nerve wracking as actually making the speech. This article from Jon Weaver is designed to take some of that fear away.

If you suffer from serious anxiety about public speaking or any other sales or marketing activity (telemarketing, sales, networking,…) you could be needlessly cutting yourself off from wonderful business development opportunities. ┬áModern techniques have a phenomenal success rate in countering all sorts of phobias. ┬áTake a look at Seymour Segnit’s 24 hour anxiety solutions. You could save yourself an awful lot of stress.

The 6 Most Powerful Business Acronyms of All Time Rudyard Kipling had his ‘Six Honest-Serving Men’ JKL has six honest consultants words. Let us know what you think and tell us your candidates for the new “Honest Serving-Men”

automate lead generation positioning can dramatically enhance the performance of your business. This article examines what you need for good positioning.

How To Get the Most From Trade Shows Tradeshows and exhibitions can be wonderful places to promote your business and meet potential customers. Getting the most from tradeshows requires careful selection, preparation, planning and execution. Find out how with this short article.

Four Steps to Success in Life the Universe and Everything Simple techniques on goal setting, planning and attitude.

The Simple Solution to Producing Benefits from Features “SWAT Them”. Even experienced marketers seem to have difficulty deciding on what constitutes a benefit to a potential customer, and what is simply a feature of the product or service. This article introduces an amazingly simple technique that cuts through the confusion.

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