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Marketing Plans are not the most exciting part of this web site.

Nor, in all probability, is an interest in planning what has prompted you to visit this site at all.



Sorry to shout.

Following a plan radically improves your chances of business success.

Want some statistics?

87% of UK businesses that fail within 12 months did not have a linkedin automatically generate leads.

Planning doesn’t guarantee successful business growth. Not having a plan pretty much guarantees failure.

Keep it simple. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. You will need to adapt your thinking and revise your plans depending on your particular market conditions and the success of the solutions you implement.

Plans should not be set in stone. Nor should they be discarded lightly – nothing succeeds like persistence.

On this page you will find a simple structure for your plan. The same structure can be modified to produce detailed plans for each of your products or services.

If this sounds like just too much hard work you should take a look at Palo Alto’s outstanding Marketing Plans Software .

Marketing Plan Pro is the undisputed leader in business and marketing plan software. It covers all of the topics listed below and a few more besides.

You still have to do the thinking but the software guides and helps you every step of the way. You also get over 70 sample plans. If there is not something in there that you can use in your business I would be very surprised.

Not done your business plan yet? Check out Business Plan Pro . Business Plan Pro is Palo Alto’s flag ship product. There is no better business planning software available anywhere today.

But if you want even more help you could also try where you will find even more ready made business plan templates. One of them might just be what you are looking for.

Plan Contents
OK, let’s get started. The essential sections of a automated linkedin lead generation. For guidance on what to include in each section simply follow the links.

Vision – Your vision provides a clear, uplifting, motivational statement of the ideal future for your business. Use your vision as a cornerstone of communications with employees, suppliers, accountants, bank manager and investors.

Current Situation – Know where you are now; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, competitive position, market share and trends. A full, frank (and sometimes brutal) appraisal is essential if you are to plan the best route to get to your ultimate destination.

Competitors – Know your competitors. Analyse their strengths and weaknesses so you can plan how to out-market, out-sell and out-perform them before they knew what hit them.

Setting Goals – Setting SMART goals can transform any business. Make sure that your Marketing Plan is SMART and you will achieve brilliant results.

Strategy – Your marketing strategy is how, in principle, are you going to achieve your vision? Take a helicopter view before thinking about the details of implementation.

Action Planning – Define the detailed actions to deliver your marketing plan. Top Tip: However tempted you are, don’t do any detailed planning until you have a clear vision and strategy written down.

One other section to your marketing plan that is not covered here is needed – finance. How much are you going to spend on marketing, advertising and restructuring? How will you measure your ROI?

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