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“Strategy is How You Fight a War – Tactics are How You Fight Each Battle”

A Marketing Strategy describes your overall approach to marketing your small business. It covers your entire company and your entire potential market.

Stop a moment and think of all the great information you have produced to get here.

  • You have a shared motivational vision.
  • You have a clear statement of your current business situation.
  • And you have devised some measures to show you when the vision has been achieved and how you are doing along the way.

Your marketing strategy is a set of statements of how you intend to achieve that vision?

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Let’s try some marketing strategy examples.

Supposing part of your vision is to have 5000 leads per month gained through at least 6 independent, semi-automatic marketing channels. At the moment you are entirely dependent on your direct sales team for lead generation and sales.

Your marketing strategy might be to identify and implement 6 channels to market. Develop processes for their automation. Introduce monitoring and testing tools. And finally optimise the operation of your marketing operation.

An alternative approach could be identify one, quick-win channel. Implement that channel along with robust operating procedures. And then optimise the operation of that channel before deciding what to introduce next.

In retailing the key to success is often quoted as, “location, location and location”. In the same vein the key to any successful change plan (and make no mistake, your business marketing plan is about change) is communication, communication and communication.

The details of the full marketing plan are too involved to be communicated to all interested parties. Most of your team aren’t going to be that interested. But your strategy provides a short description (with your vision statement) of exactly what your are trying to do and how you are planning on doing it.

For each major part of your vision make sure you have decided, documented and communicated to the whole company how you intend to achieve that component.

Your vision statement combined with your overall approach are frequently put together in one document and called the Strategy.

Make sure that your whole company knows what that is.

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