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Author: Jesse Miles MLM Leads are the lifeblood of many network marketers. Over the years, MLM Leads have become a key component of building a downline. As the demand for MLM Leads has grown, the quality of MLM Leads has suffered. Many lead capture pages are designed to get anyone to fill out the form (even poor quality prospects). And some list brokers have sold their MLM Leads several times, causing the people who filled out a form inquiring about a business opportunity to get bombarded with phone solicitations.Some of these people who are on MLM Leads Lists put down false information, register with the do not call directory, and will say they never filled out a form just so they will be left alone, but they still are interested in a business opportunity.Here are three things that you can do to clean up the MLM Leads lists you purchase, and when you are calling your MLM Leads, you are only calling the best prospects:

1.Use a service like Melissa Data ( ) to verify the correct address and phone number of the MLM Leads List you purchases. As much as 80% of the data in some aged MLM Leads Lists is inaccurate. This type of service won’t clean up all the bad data from your MLM Leads List, but it will clean most of it. Remember: approximately 2-3% of Americans move every month, so do check the age of any MLM Leads List. If your MLM Leads List is 12-18 months old, 25-54% of the addresses and phone numbers are probably obsolete.

2.Scrub your data through the Do Not Call Registry (DNC). Your MLM Leads List should be checked against the DNC Registry every 90 days to be compliant (something you should seriously consider if you are using Aged MLM Leads or Genealogy Leads). It is YOUR responsibility to do this, and ultimately, you will be fined if you are found out of compliance with the national do not call policy. For more information on this, go to:

3.Another service that you can use is List Optimization. This is a unique process of profiling your MLM Leads List to identify the best and worst prospects within your MLM Leads List. Optimized MLM Leads, LLC ( ) is the only provider of this service. It is not only invaluable as a time saving service, by being able to identify the top prospects within your MLM Leads List, but will allow you to focus your recruiting efforts on building leadership within your organization.

Using these three services will allow you to get the most out of any MLM Leads List that you purchase.

Jesse Miles is a freelance writing and marketing consultant to network marketing companies. Jesse can be reached at .

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