Small Business Growth Solutions – Plan

At last, you are ready to produce your detailed marketing action plan. You may like to review the principles of an effective automatic linkedin lead generation.

On this page I have listed some of the actions you might adopt to fulfil the elements of your marketing strategy.

You will have noticed that I used that word SMART again. Every action is your detailed marketing action plan should be SMART. So, just one more time, SMART means – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound.

Fill Your Sales Pipeline

  • Produce compelling descriptions of products and services.
  • Clearly define target market space
  • Produce your 15s, 30s and one minute pitch based on your USP.
  • Develop your prospect list.
  • Identify appropriate business network clubs and events
  • Put attendance at networking events in the diary.
  • Identify possible referral partners.
  • Identify public speaking events, topics and opportunities.
  • Contact organisers to offer your public speaking pitch.
  • Identify opportunities and topics for articles.
  • Send articles for publication.
  • Decide suitable subjects for press releases.
  • Attend trade shows.
  • Develop web site. Ensure the web site is written to sell.
  • Advertising opportunities?

Effective Follow-Up

  • Brochures
  • Leave behinds (FREE reports, models, newsletters etc.)
  • Infomation sources (FREE reports, models, newsletters etc.)
  • Personalised follow-up letters
  • Contact management system
  • Email
  • Telephone (linkedin automatically generate leads)

The secret of successful follow up is persistence. Research from Bane and Co showed that over 80% of salespeople never contacted their prospects more than 3 times. The same research showed that 84% of prospects only decided to buy after 4 or more contacts with a sales person.

The lesson is obvious. If you want more sales plan for and be diligent in your follow-up.

Get the Presentation

Follow up is vitally important. But never forget, the purpose of following up is to get a sale. First step in getting the sale is getting the chance to make your presentation.

Specific actions to increase the chance of getting the presentation include:

  • Monitoring all follow-up contact responses.
  • Regularly review and adjust follow-up materials.
  • Develop strong, benefit driven telemarketing scripts.
  • Assess in-house telemarketing skills – outsource if necessary.
  • Monitor and review your offer and guarantees.
  • Use pre-qualifying questionnaires.
  • Concentrate your efforts on your best prospects.
  • Monitor and review your automated linkedin lead generation.
  • Ask for feedback

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