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Increase the sale value for each transaction and you are guaranteed to increase your profits.


Already in a cut-throat market?

Check out these 29 ways to increase your average transaction value no matter what your competitors are doing.

29 Ways to Boost The Size Of Customer Transactions


  1. Raise Your Prices
  2. Sell Value, Not Price

Sales techniques

  1. Up Sell
  2. Down-Sell
  3. Cross Sell

Add value

  1. Back-End Sale
  2. Extended Warranties
  3. Service Contracts
  4. Consult For Your Own Product

Make the sale easy

  1. Terms And Financing
  2. Set Up An Account
  3. Try Before You Buy
  4. Work With Pre-Payments

Give more

  1. Develop an exclusive product or service
  2. Expand Your Product Range
  3. First Time Buyer Incentives
  4. Concentrate On High Quality Prospects
  5. Use Package Deals
  6. Sell Bulk
  7. Incentive Builders For Big Purchases
  8. Offer Greater Variety

Sales force

  1. Sales commission structures
  2. Set Solid Sales Goals
  3. NLP Techniques
  4. Sales Scripts
  5. Keep In Touch With Customers

Educate your customers

  1. Demonstrations
  2. Educate your customers
  3. Audio And Visual Demonstrations

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